Our Work

Enzyme and biocatalyst mining

We specialise in the identification of genes encoding enzymes for applications in industrial biocatalysis. Our proprietary high-throughput bioinformatics analysis bioinformatics workflows, Njord and Skadi, employ machine learning approaches to allow us to more sensitively mine proteins and their families from metagenomic DNA sequences from diverse environments. The Insiligence Knowledge Base contains millions of enzyme protein sequences, many of which are not found in the open databases. Our state of the art structure prediction servers allow the rapid analysis of sequences at the structural level. We can help with finding enzymes for targeted applications.

enGEN - a generative AI based platform for protein functional analysis and enzyme design

Insiligence staff have many years experience in the area of computational intelligence and machine learning. We have developed a generative AI based platform enGEN which builds on insights gained from our protein knowledge base to allow us to map and exploit the design space of enzymes. This allows us to direct protein engineering strategies and also generate new to nature enzymes from scratch, tailor made for highly specific properties.

Software development, data services, and computing systems support

At Insiligence, our team of software engineers have many years of experience in the development of tailored bioinformatics software solutions. We help clients with their server and cloud workflow needs. We have developed workflows, for example using Nextflow technology, integrated data solutions and custom databases. We are specialists in building integrated graph-based knowledge bases for multi-omics data integration.

Server Room

Genome and metagenome analysis and annotation

We work with our partners to sample and sequence metagenomes from diverse environments, and also carry out the analysis and sequence assembly and mining. For example, in February 2023 Insiligence took part in a round the UK marine sampling trip with partners Prozomix Ltd., carrying out both real time sequencing and analysis on the ship and subsequent sequence assembly and annotation of the metagenomes sampled.