Genomics, metagenomics
and gene discovery services

We provide bespoke consultancy and services for software development, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence applications in the life sciences.

Research and development partnerships for bioinformatics, metagenomics, gene discovery and AI guided protein design.

We work closely with our customers to meet their needs, from large pharmaceutical companies to smaller enzyme discovery and biomanufacturing enterprises.

Genome annotation

Let us assemble and annotate your genomes for you. We specialise in microbial systems. Our customised, cloud-based, AI driven pipelines will optimise the assembly and annotation of your genomes. We can work with both short and long read sequencing data.

Metagenome analysis

We assemble, annotate and analyse metagenomes and metatranscriptomes. We specialise in environmental samples, shotgun sequencing and bioprospecting. Our annotation pipelines will extract the most value from your data, more efficiently mining genes from metagenomic dark matter, to shed light on novel genes with no hits in the open databases. We specialise in enzyme discovery from metagenomes.

Bioinformatics consultancy

Talk to us today about your bioinformatics requirements. We work together closely with you to carry out data mining, analysis or bespoke software development.

Artificial Intelligence systems for protein design

We have developed novel protein language powered AI systems that are able to design functional ‘new to nature’ proteins, including enzymes.

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